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7-13 July 2014
Jack liked riding his bike over a ramp on Monday. Nana can cope with this. It mustn’t get any bigger but I know it will! H had a pedicure right beside the ocean. #onlyHayley. | On Tuesday, she swam with some wild dolphins. So lucky. #onlyHayleyagain. | She travelled back to CT on Thursday. | Heavy traffic on Friday but a gorgeous evening when I got home. | On Saturday, Vincent washed the Mokka before we left for St Neots. We had blue skies on the way, while 6,000 miles away, H wore a winter scarf. Jodie shopped and bought some fresh flowers for the lounge. That afternoon, the boys climbed on Stuart’s boat in the garage with Oupa! Jack with his gloves, of course. (He no longer says g’nubs). Charlie liked sitting on Stuart’s motorbike too which was packed for his trek to the Outer Hebrides. | Stuart left early morning, and after Vincent left for home, Jodie & I took the boys swimming. They love the water and little Charlie kicks his legs like crazy!

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Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Sleep Softly
Anzio Solids Paper Pack
Bloese Solids Paper Pack
Sentiment Flairs No. 01
Black, White and Plum Kit
December Woods Element Pack
Coastal Element Pack
Brilliant Love Element Pack - staple
Letter Box Garden Song Element Pack
Jaspia Element Pack
Minted Wings Element Pack
Fine Line Border Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 13
Leather Sentiment Tags No. 01 - screw

Cathy Zielske
Life Basics Minimal No. 01
Minimal Week Circles Brushes and Stamps No. 01

Ali Edwards
Spontaneous Adventures Brushes and Stamps
Hello Life Brushes and Stamps Vol. 02

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