There is a new AAM challenge on the blog. I'd love to hear about your Happy Place. :O)

It’s what we do at the end of the week. Barb and I go to Fibber McGee’s. I get a chai latte and she tries a different flavored coffee each time. We love the girls who own the place, we love the work that Cyndee does with refinishing furniture, we love the mix of inventory that they sell, but most of all we love the feel of the place. It’s so inviting and so relaxing and so happy.
We usually start by getting our drinks and then walking around a bit looking to see what’s knew and what Cyndee’s worked on during the past week. After that we sit for awhile chatting, discussing and even venting about our week and catch up with the goings on in each other’s lives. Then we walk around a bit more and throw out ideas about this or that (as far as decorating) and then sit some more or chat with Cyndee and Julie. We love this place and we need this place. It’s our place to unwind, our place to recharge, our place to reconnect. It’s our Happy Place.

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