The outcome from the last annual vet check up with my geriatric old girl. Love her.

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The Annual Vet visit rocked around and we spoke to Woody about Molly’s constant wandering up and down the passageway once it’s time to go to bed, her just laying in the middle of the front yard, even in the rain. He however more so noticed the stiffness in her hind quarter and the cataracts forming in her eyes, he saw how devoted she is to both of us, the look she gave us for reassurance while he was checking her out. At 15 she is 105 in human years. She’s my old girl, and yet still she wants to please us, and give us love in oh so many ways. Our job is to keep her safe and comfortable in her geriatric years. So at Woody’s suggestion we’ve started her off on a course of Cartophren and hope it eases her stiffness, even though she forgets and thinks she’s a young pup at times. Sucks to get old Molly my love.