Four more pages for my cookbook . . . this book is growing at a snails pace for sure . . . but, I am having lots of fun working on it! This is a photo and a recipe of our daughter's.
What child doesn't love to lick the bowl when there has been a yummy cake being stirred . . . what mama doesn't love to lick the bowl too!!!

Jouraling: Beth made these and brought them home for our Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Velma’s house in 2001. She got the recipe from another nurse at the hospital NICU where she was working. These are very moist and good and always get compliments.

This photograph of Beth was made in 1980 when she was six-years-old and living in our house on Jones Boulevard . . . the photo was made in our cozy little kitchen. She was in kindergarten that year and was at home earlier than the boys were . . . because, if they had been home, there would be four spoons and lots of fingers in the cake batter!

I will add pages here and there throughout this cookbook, which will only have recipes and no photos. Above are two more pumpkin dessert recipes.

Pumpkin Face Stickers (used as a mask) the leaf is from an old freebie – Katie Pertiet
Kotteder Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Fonts are: Caecilia LT Light, Century Gothic & Pea Beth C