I'm really pleased how the photos are slotting into these tweaked versions of Cathy template.
I've been using some cross-process (split toning) presets in Lightroom which are giving the shadows a blue hue and the highlights a slight sepia tinge. I've never understood cross-process very well before but I've been using the split-toning sliders to adjust the effect and I'm starting to get a feel for it!

I also love how I've been able to find just the right woodsy embellishment for every page!
Double page spread:

Journaling: After a spot of shopping we wandered down to the old wharf area. It was high tide and the water was flowing strongly into Swan Bay. The tide was already so high that the water was starting to lap ominously over the beach wall.

Katie Pertiet:
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 03
Oceania Element Pack (boat recolored)

Cathy Zielske:
Hybrid Helper No. 06 Layered Template (modified)