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When I saw the prompt ‘pride’ I immediately thought of this photo and a whole bunch of things that make me proud of this little boy. This is a candid shot I caught as he was kicking his football around the backyard. He had been practicing a lot and was so proud to show off to his Daddy.

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Font: Splendid 66
Journaling: So proud.. ... of your awesome manners. Thank you, You’re welcome, Bless you, and Sorry come without prompting. And Please is not far behind them! You are our little Mr Manners! ... of your mad footy skills. And your mad soccer skills. And your mad cricket skills. Sports seem to come naturally to you and you love to practice them! ... of how patient and gentle you are with your sister. You like to show her your toys and you always, always say good morning and goodnight to her with a cuddle! ... of your love of books. When it’s technology free time you reach for your books first. At the moment the Playschool and Thomas the Tank books are your faves. ... of your sweet nature. You are so kind and gentle and naturally care for others. You are learning all about sharing right now and like to put others first.
You were so proud to show Dad how well you kick ball. And do you know what? He is just as proud of you, son!