paper: Anchors Away (Katie Pertiet)

journaling: After my diagnosis, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be seen at Mayo, by Dr Ian Hay, an endocrinologist that one of my patients sees. She loves him; my insurance would pay well; we don’t have a true endocrinologist locally. Having said that, I wasn’t absolutely certain what to expect.

We left very early for my 8:00 appointment, assuming we would have to return another day for the testing. We met with him quickly, and he was just lovely. He read some of the information he had received from ISJ and requested to see me after my studies. I told him I didn’t have any scheduled, but he quickly corrected me. He walked us to his secretary, who gave me a new itinerary for the day, and gave us suggestions for lunch.

The lab, radiology and ultrasound staff were all pleasant, efficient, and respectful. Lucnh at Chester’s was yummy, especially the bread pudding. (You have to splurge when you have cancer, right?)

At our follow-up meeting, he was quite pleased with the results, with the exception of the portion of my thyroid left behind by my surgeon. He assured me I would remain well, and printed off all sorts of research and reviews (all authored by him) proving that point.

This is why people choose Mayo. They are efficient. They are welcoming. Above all, though, they are the world leaders in healthcare, including Dr Hay, the absolute American authority on thyroid cancer. And he’s my doctor.