Wendy's 5 Things challenge was something I couldn't pass up. I'm a little late, but thought I needed to do this page and put it in my AAM book. Thanks for the inspiration, Wendy. :O)

For this page I took one of Katie's Blendable Layered Templates and moved everything around, mixing things up and flipping this one way and that another. It's almost like finger painting. :O)

I hate planes - I hate the whole process of air travel. First, I can’t fly direct anywhere so even a short trip takes all day. Second, I get air sick very easily so I have to take dramamine and then I’m knocked out for the duration. Third, The cost of air travel has gone up drastically. Fourth, you are limited as to what you can take on a plane and as far as that goes you can’t take much of what you’re allowed to take in the first place. And fifth, the whole process is either, rush, rush, rush or hurry up and wait (forever!).
I love trains - First, (and formost) I can take only half a dramamine allowing me to be awake for the trip if I want. Second, It is comfortable with roomy, reclining seats and you can even walk around. Third, I can see the scenery as we travel. Fourth, there’s no chance of losing my luggage. And firth, they have food! Real food, that you can eat at a table. I love trains.

Katie Pertiet:
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Blendables Layered Template No. 30
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