The Story Challenge - July 1

I've not met a famous person that I can remember. But there's someone I dearly wish that I'd been brave enough to try to meet. I never went to Dragon*Con when I was younger but that would have been my opportunity. Alas, we're much wiser when we're older.

Of all the famous people out there, I wish I could have met Anne McCaffrey before she died. I would have loved to sat down to tea with her and talked for hours with this fascinating woman. I’m not English so tea isn’t a concept I’m familar with. But she seems like the kind of person to invite to a tea party.

I confess that among the first books I read as a teenager were Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern. I’d save up my lunch money just to be able to buy the next book. I devoured them voraciously. I think my lifelong love of books began with Anne McCaffrey.

I still have my original books. They’re sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be shared with my daugher.


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