If ever there's travel on the cards in our family... it's always Hayley! Lucky girl!

I can only imagine Hayley’s mood when she heard that Dewald had to go away to work again for a few weeks. | Lots of hffts and pffts. | But work? Here? Zanzibar? Seriously? | So there are huge perks within the hotel industry. | If you can take the ups and the downs. | Hayley soon found out that she could fly out to join him for a week. | It could only be her luck that it fell during a week she’d taken leave anyway. | She always seems to fall with her backside in the butter, that girl. | No more hffts and pffts. | Be careful and keep your wits about you, I’ve told her. | Enjoy it, I’ve ordered. | Take a few stunning shots for me, I’ve asked. | If this photo that Dewald took is anything to go by, I won’t be disappointed. | She left on an early morning flight. | She’s complained about rushing to get off one flight and on to the next. | Now she’s landed. | In Zanzibar. | And it’s gone quiet. | This girl loves the sun. | But mostly, this girl loves to travel. | She’s found yet another happy place.

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Photo by Dewald

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