Saturday, May 7, 2005 Downtown Dayton outside of the Canal Street Tavern …. Mom and I waited to see Bradley Cole - He plays the part of Jeffrey O’Neil on the Guiding Light – we have no idea if he can sing we just want to see him in person….I rush to grab a seat in the front row…. I’m so close to the stage I can touch it….we listen to his music and enjoy his good looks… and then he gets thirsty and I grab him a water bottle and hand it to him…. He has me go up on stage….he offers to dedicate a song to me….I asked for a kiss instead…..I got one …and he sang me a song….. you can see from the smile on my face….. it was a good moment!!! I told Mom about the story challenge and I reminded her it must have been a good kiss because I still remember it 9 years later ….she still wishes it was her who got the kiss .....she told me so again this morning….”however….it wasn’t my choice”….it was her choice to stand in line to get the pictures signed… she has hers hanging on her bedroom wall at home …..

The story Challenge Freebies - thanks a lot they are just perfect!!!

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