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I’ve never been a celebrity watcher or even really cared about meeting anyone of that status. I’ve always felt that celebrities are people who, for whatever reason, have a “claim to fame” and love to flaunt it by being ridiculous and outlandish. I’ve always felt that a real celebrity may be well known or even famous but would still manage to stay real. So my story goes like this…
David has been friends with Bob and Joyce, brother and sister twins, for over 50 years. When David and I got married we all remained good friends and even though we moved from Port Huron we stayed in touch. David’s dad married their mother in the mid-‘70s and they suddenly became step siblings. Bob married Grace a couple years after us and a few years later Joyce married Mike. I knew she married a hockey announcer by the name of Mike Emrick, but, since I wasn’t real into hockey at the time, it didn’t mean that much to me. Since neither of us lived in Port Huron there was quite a span of years that we didn’t see each other. Occasionally David would watch a little hockey and tell me that was Mike announcing and my thoughts were that he must be a super energetic guy!! Over the years David’s dad would talk about Mike taking him to games, having a limo pick him up and take him to a Tigers game and some of the really nice, kind and caring things he would do. Then in 2003 we moved back to Michigan and our paths began to cross more frequently. Now I proudly say “Yep - Mike Emrick is my step-brother-in-law”. His fans call him “Doc and have great respect for him. He’s the down-to-earth guy that kicks back in the backyard, cup of coffee in hand, to watch his dogs play. He’s the guy who has taken hundreds of hours to help David’s dad and spend time with him when we were too far away. His eulogy at David’s dad’s funeral was so touching and beautiful. He’s the guy who missed calling the first night of the Stanley Cup to be with family the day of the funeral. In my book, Mike is a true celebrity!

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