A lot of the journaling in this album is snippets I pick up from things Jodie tells me, or from her Facebook - with the odd little ditty here and there from me Smile

Quote: Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. Henry Ward Beecher

You like handprints on mirrors. You know there will come a time when you'll no longer need to wipe them off. It'll sneak up on you one day when you suddenly remember that you haven't had to clean a surface of a little handprint for a while. You'll be sad. Your instruction was for Jack to use the mirror to rub in the little dots of sun screen you’d plopped on his cheeks. He did this quite diligently before launching himself towards the mirror! A perfect greasy little {LEFT} handprint! Treasure this little hand you hold today. One day it will be a big hand holding your small one.

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