Recording the search for a new house for my DH's parents. We only searched for a week Smile
Journaling: We all started house hunting. I was looking online, Deborah was checking the paper. We inspected a couple of houses but none of them looked like somewhere Laurel and Ted would look comfortable - dark carpets, too many close neighbours, too far from our house, driveway too steep, too many stairs. Then a house came on the market and both of us thought it could be ideal. We inspected it and found it was full of little touches that were so them.
So this was it!

Katie Pertiet:
Brierley Element Pack (wooden elements and branch stamp)
Clustering Memories Layered Templates Part No. 02
Tidewater Element Pack (a favorite staple)
Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Lynn Grieveson :
Long Wave Kit (paper)
Fonts: THE MAPLE ORIGINS and Alley Cat