Oh, wow... Mel's iTunes challenge this month on the DD blog was the perfectly simply composition that this photo needed! It pretty much can stand alone, can't it? And, yep... it was really amazing to see the space shuttle "Endeavour" fly over Southern California! My coworker and I spent about an hour on the rooftop of our building to catch a (far away!) glimpse of it, but it flew right over the school where my sister teaches... I have her to thank for the (much-better-than-mine-close-up!) photo!
(Photo Credit: Laurie Marks)


The most extraordinary view... U.S. space shuttle “Endeavour” piggy-backed on a “shuttle carrier aircraft” flying over the skies of Southern California on its way to its final destination at the California Science Center in Exposition Park, near USC, in Los Angeles. While Jenny and I viewed the Endeavour from afar on top of the roof of Newport Lido, Laurie snapped this photo as the shuttle literally flew over her school! Near or far, it was truly an amazing sight! (21 September 2012)


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