Hot off the press, I took this photo this morning! On a walk I took with Lucky. We are very fortunate we were live, this is only a mere two blocks from my home, living in town, and yet being able to walk up a country lane.

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I no sooner said the word “walk” and he was running to the front gate in a flash. Lucky has had cabin fever this week, it has rained every day. Today a break in the rain and everything smelt so good (to a little dog), the grass was wet and lush, he wanted to stop and sniff it all, his little nose would twitch and his body would quiver as he smelt cows and sheep on the breeze from the nearby paddocks. It doesn’t take much to make this little boy happy, which makes me happy. Two and a half kilometres was all he could manage, he came home with a smile on his face ... then it was bath time. Oh no!