A lot of the journaling in this album is snippets I pick up from things Jodie tells me, or from her Facebook - with the odd little ditty here and there from me Smile

Quote - There's no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat ~ Wesley Bates

Charlie has been here. He likes cat food. Sometimes he eats it. Sometimes he plays with it. Sometimes he likes to add it to the catsí water bowl. (Maybe the scientist in him enjoys seeing the pellets swell!) Heís helping them manage their time better. Why do two jobs when you can do it quickly in one? He always leaves a trail of cat food. If heís caught he likes to do good by putting it back. But sometimes when heís feeling a little cheeky heíll pop one in his mouth. He knows heíll get a fuss made but he also likes the taste and the crunch. Yuk Charlie Bear!

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Photo by Jodie.

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