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So much stuff... but nothing to wear
28 jerseys - Nine actual jerseys and 10 cardigans. LOVE my cardi's.
3 dresses. Only three. Not really into dresses. Two I wear with leggings in the winter and the other one is rather dressy which I like but it makes me feel OLD.
9 jeans. LOVE jeans. Three black pairs, three denim pairs and 3 casual jeans in navy, pink and natural. Live in them pretty much all year round.
23 t-shirts. Eight long sleeved, only two short sleeved and 13 vests.
32 tops. Favourites from Fat Face and White Stuff, and the pretty one I bought in Truworths last year. Love tops that fit well. Don't like floaty type things or shirts.
6 trousers. Two formal black pairs, one grey pair, one white linen pair, one natural linen pair and one pair of cropped trousers in pink.
25 footwear. Six pairs of heels, 5 flats, 8 sandels, one running shoes, two knee high boots which I love, two andle boots which I love even more and one slippers.
44 accessories. Thirty two scarves, four tote bags and 8 handbags.
7 jackets & coats. One winter coat, 1 winter jacket, i blazer, 1 smart jacket, all black, 1 flecked jacket, 2 casual lightweight jackets, one green, one natural.
12 running gear. 2 sweatshirts, 2 long pants, 4 capri pants, 4 vests.

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