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Audrey Kit
November Kit (word strip)
Tiny Treasures Template Set No. 03
Trick Night Kit (‘&’)

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Journaling: Baby girl, you have become such a dribble machine this week! You are just like your brother was at the same age. I fear you may be wearing a bib permanently before too long. Also this week whenever you have wanted to be picked up you had said what sounds quite a lot like “Mumma....mumma....mum...mum...mum”. The first time I heard it, I did a double take! You only do it when you want to be picked up or want to be fed, so I’m sure it’s an instinct thing more than you consciously saying “Mumma”. Either way, it’s sweet music to my ears! You are becoming so interested in watching us eat, as well. You mouth while you watch us and I know you would just love to tuck into whatever we are having. In fact, you ‘told off’ your Daddy while he was eating chicken wings this week. All in good time, my sweet. All in good time.