Journalling reads:
15 years ago, we live about an hour south of where we live now, and it was a 2 minute drive to the beach. Oh how we loved living so close to the beach. Summer evenings would often find us having dinner at the beach. I would fill the esky with either sandwiches or sausages, chops and onions for a barbecue, and as soon as John was home from work we would head to the beach for a swim, and then dinner. This particular beach, Moana Beach is the only one in metropolitan Adelaide that you can take your car onto the sand. This makes it so easy to set up a comfortable area without lugging all the gear across hot sand.
These days we still go to Moana, but not nearly as often as we used to. It has become a tradition though, to go to Moana Beach on the Australia Day holiday in January. This particular trip was in 2012. Lauren was not with us, as she had been living in San Francisco working as an Au Pair. She was due home within a month of this day.
This was a particularly hot day and we spent most of it at the beach. A typical day would consist of a swim first, then some reading under the shade, another swim, then a walk to the local shop for an icecream. Back to our spot for a swim, maybe a ball game, some more swimming and reading and then eventually a barbecue dinner, cooked by John. Once the sun started to sink into the horizon it was a little cooler and we would be ready to head home in an air conditioned car to an air conditioned house.

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