I opened up our 1984 scrapbook and now I can’t quit using them! I’m canning the entire album in and hoping that all of the good photos were put in the album. I have found a few blank spaces where the kids have probably taken the photos out of the album for one reason or another. (such as giving them to an old boyfriend or girlfriend!) These are a few that the kids had forgotten about when I mentioned them and sent emails with the photos to them.

Journaling: Page 01 . . . Living out in the country, we always seemed to have so many things that the children could find to occupy themselves. The creek running through the farm is but one of the things, which was always bringing fun and surprises to us. In September of 1984 when Kevin was 12 and Beth was ten years old, something new from the creek claimed the attention of our children. Kevin was up towards the road when he saw a tiny little black & white puppy floundering in the water. He scooped him up and brought him to the house . . . the pup was quickly adopted by all four of the children and given the name of Moses, because he was brought forth from the waters. Tiny Moses has his much-needed first bath from Kevin and Beth today. He didn’t seem to mind it at all either. All four of the children lavished him with hugs and kisses . . . so after the life he had lived in his young life so far, I am sure that he loved being with our family.

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