One day this spring I looked out my window to see a whole flock of Cedar Waxwings perched on the still almost bare branches of some of our trees. I hurriedly grabbed my camera, which luckily, had the telephone lens on it, and snapped some pics of them before they moved on from your yard. Up close they look like they are wearing black masks which would be perfect for going to a masquerade party. Katie's new frames are cool and the new LakeLand Kit has really interesting buttons so I felt inspired to scrap the photos.
TFL Smile

New this week:
PolyFrame Stacks No. 01
LakeLand Dots + Stripes Paper Pack
LakeLand Elements Pack
LakeLand Painted Accents
Bead Scatterings No. 04
Messy Stitched Borders: White No. 02
Anzio Element Pack
Fine Line Twists No. 01
Winter Peony Element Pack
Inked Arrows Brushes and Stamps No 01

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