My husband served two tours in Vietnam, and retired from the US Army after almost 24 years.

Journaling: 536,100 American soldiers in Vietnam during 1968.
300,000,000 Americans served during the course of the Vietnam War.
303,644 Americans wounded.
58,220 American soldiers died.
While the Vietnam Memorial is a stunning tribute to those who lost their lives, it’s also an emotional experience for the families whose loved ones were among the fallen as well as the soldiers whose friends and comrades never returned. Mike is one of the latter.
We are so very happy that the American public demonstrates a great deal of respect and gratefulness for the soldiers who serve today, us among them. But, it hasn’t always been that way. When Mike returned home from both tours in Vietnam (1968 and 1972), he was spit on in airports, and people shouted at him, calling him “baby killer” among other hateful things. And yet, he continued to serve his country until his retirement in 1990.
Mike has visited the Vietnam Memorial twice - once alone, and once with me. The emotion that seizes your heart seeing the names inscribed on the wall cannot be adequately described. Neither can the sadness and grief of looking for your lost friends’ and comrades’ names.
It was a very sad time in our nation’s history, and unfortunately, it was a war our American soldiers were never allowed to win.

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