A momentous occasion that had to be recorded, no matter how bad the selfie! Wink

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Journaling: It’s a terrible selfie taken in the dark, in the car after leaving dinner but it had to be recorded. This was our first alone date night in over 3 years. Yup, no date night since before Lincoln was born. It’s not like we hadn’t tried but after the Great Christmas Party Incident of 2011, well we have not had many babysitting offers! Then we sort of got used to not having a date night and taking Linc along with us, and then once Poppy came along having both of them tag along and pretty soon we forgot to even try to have any nights out by ourselves. It had to change though and this was the first step. We were initially going to have a fancy dinner out but I was worried Poppy might play up for her Nana and Pa as she is teething and so clingy at the moment, so we went somewhere local where we could leave in a hurry if we had to. Linc was perfect as he is well and truly past the separation anxiety stage and Poppy did settle eventually and we managed to go out for noodles and then stop for coffee and dessert. It wasn’t overly fancy but it was the first step. Here’s to even more date nights! Maybe even a movie one of these days!