I’ve scrapped an old photograph (a Throwback Thursday type photo) to use with today’s Saturday Scraplift of Pam’s aka bawzie ”it’s me Ruby Jo”. Thanks, Connie for choosing this sweet and pretty layout for today’s lift . . . it was such fun to play with!

Journaling: The day is early November in 1984. Mr. & Mrs. Sikes have just left our house with their horse trailer after leaving your kiddos a wonderful gift. You see, your dad was looking for a good horse for the four of you to ride. A gentle horse. . . . a horse that was used to having lots of children around. He talked to the Sikes about selling us one of their horses from the riding school . . . they happened to have a horse who was getting too old to be ridden hard every day and told us that we could have Nibblets. They arrived the very next day and dropped him off . . . warning us that he could step nimbly across any cattle grate we had . . . and he did! We found him tied to a gas pump at Anderson’s store down the old road. Nibblets wasn’t fond of being led by Beth back home in the rain for two long miles . . . Beth wasn’t thrilled with that trip either! Neither was Mom who followed closely in the old station wagon.

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P.S. Looks like I have some rehab to do on my journaling . . . thanks to a proofreading friend * Smile * I see that I've used house when I should have used horse more than once! I am terrible . . . good thing that I wasn't called upon to write the Constitution of the United States way back when, isn't it?