Scrap therapy for me this morning. Scrapping is a calming force. Thanks for the inspiration, Carol.

Journaling: As a young boy, Justin was always an avid reader. He could hardly wait for the next book to come out in the Harry Potter series. When it did arrive, he read it within a few days. In high school, he read more science fiction stories and he and Bruce frequently shared the books they read.
Once he started college, leisurely reading still existed, but was less frequent. When he was accepted into medical school, his leisurely reading all but came to a halt. Textbooks on anatomy, physics, and immunology became his light reading material. I remember Bruce asking Justin one day if he had read any good books lately, as he was looking for a recommendation. When Justin said “The only book I have read in the past few years is a textbook”, it seriously, stopped both of us in our tracks.
The dedication to reading and studying to become a physician is one that I cannot fully comprehend. This photo was taken last summer when he was home for a visit. And, this was a typical scenario during the day. He could read anywhere, with all kinds of things going on around him. I truly believe that by him reading so much as a child, it set the foundation for good study habits in the future.
This morning, Justin is sitting for one of the United States Medical Licensing Exams. Everything that he has studied and read during the past three and a half years, comes down to this moment. I know he will succeed.

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