For this month’s story scrapbook challenge. It also began as a lift of Aino’s page Simple Pleasures for the SSL.

Thanks for looking! Smile

Wood Veneer Symbology No. 01
Drawn Chevrons Paper Pack
The Story Challenge Freebie (blendable and book cover)
Arrow Wire Paper Clips No. 01
Black, White and Turquoise Kit (bow)
Brierley Scrapbooking Kit (wood paper clip)
Calne Scrapbooking Kit (wood chevron)
Twisted Dots No. 01
Watchet Flairs
Watchet Printable 3x4 Journal Cards
Watchet Scrapbook Kit (the tags in this kit reminded me of bookmarks)

Font: Raleway, Pea Annalee
Journaling: I have loved books since before I was able to read. There’s something about being drawn into a story, taken to another place and just losing myself. Books have been my refuge over the years. When I am stressed, I reach for a book. When I am bored, I reach for a book. When I am happy and content, I reach for a book. Books helped me through the 45min train commute each way to work. Books were what kept me awake in the middle of the night feeding babies. Books have also been the cause of many bags under my eyes. Books also were a big part of the lack of space we were having in this house of ours. Dylan and I are both book lovers and can’t part with any of our collections and so for Christmas ‘11 I asked for a kindle. I swore I would never convert to an e-reader, but I love it. I read so much faster for some reason and my reading is also more varied these days. Needless to say, when I dropped my kindle recently and broke it, I had a near panic attack. Luckily for me, Mother’s Day was the following weekend!