Feeling a little 'Van Goghish' as I played with the Waterlogue app!

KPertiet - Classic Deckled Photo Frames No. 01
Basic Tags No. 01
Wood Veneer Springtime
Fresh Vintage Stacks No. 02
Antibes Element Pack (doily - recoloured)
Brierley Element Pack (clip)
Botanist Notebook Collector Cards No. 04
Burlap Essentials Paper Pack No. 02: Bone
Dolphin Cove: Add-On Dots Paper Pack
LGrieveson - Hint at it Love No. 03
Worn Tops To Go No. 01
AEdwards - Heart So Happy Blue Green 3x4 Journal Cards (recoloured)
In The Garden Brushes and Stamps

I used the Botanist Notebook Collector Card to apply pattern to the Basic Tag. I clipped it to the tag, used a multiply blend mode, lightened it slightly and then erased the part that covered the reinforcing ring and the string. Love that it is so easy to do this type of thing in Digital!!