This started out as a page inspired by jdcooper which I had in my favorites. I particularly loved the use of the Artsy Paint No. 01 . . . I had never used that particular kit and loved how it looked in Floating! Then I decided that I would make a page for an older Artsy Challenge and the Paint element really fit in with the colors of my photograph of the little quilt I was making. I tried to extend the photo out of the frame and use masking, but it was too busy . . . so, these Artsy brushes were exactly what I needed . . . no color changing needed either!!

Journaling: When Mary Paul was a newborn little one, her great-great Aunt Velma made her a pretty little pink quilt with animals all over it. Mary’s mama would cover her with it when she went into her little crib each night & each naptime. As soon as she could crawl, she began dragging the little pink quilt from room to room . . . soon she was walking and would carry her pink quilt in her arms along with a baby doll or two or three. Too soon, she wasn’t a toddler anymore and had become a pretty little girl who still took her slightly worn and graying quilt everywhere. When little Mary would come to visit us, the ragged pinkish quilt was along and most time she would tell me that it needed a little patching . . . so patch we did. For nine years, she loved the little pink quilt and I patched the little pink quilt. That little pink quilt was getting smaller & smaller and was actually disappearing before her eyes. This is when Mary Paul asked me to make a new quilt for her. We choose brightly colored pieces of flannel and cut them into squares . . . I sewed them together with a bit of softness between the layers and then quilted them into a brand new quilt. I have noticed that when I visit her house that the old pink blanket scraps are tucked under her pillow in a little bag, which I sewed for her and the new quilt is on the end of the bed!

Artsy Paint No. 01
Classic Deckled Photo Frames No. 01
Scribbling Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Scribbling Words: Everyday Brushes and Stamps
Toothy No. 02 Paper Pack
Touches of Paint Paper Pack
I used the following kits from Ali for my title:
Creative Life Phrases Brushes and Stamps
Essential Words Hand Drawn Value Pack Vol. 01
From The Desk Of Brushes and Stamps
Hello Baby Hand Drawn Brushes
Night Night Brushes and Stamps