I always like the look of the iTunes challenge, then I always chicken out of joining in. This time I decided I was doing it, no matter what, and I'm glad I did. It was so much fun to play around, and I'd even heard of the album which was a bonus! I hope you'll all join in too!

Photo is from earlier in the year when we were trying out make-up for my sister's wedding. I don't normally wear make-up at all, but it was fun to try out heavy eyeliner for the 60s theme.

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
itunes Challenge freebie;
Brierley Solids Paper Pack;
Home and Garden Kit;
Pale Word Bits No. 01;
Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 03;
Stamped and Framed Layered Template Set No. 03;
Yellow Word Bits No. 01;

L Grieveson
Yonder Kit;

A Edwards
Selfie For The Win Brushes and Stamps;