My parents-in-law are in their mid-80s and planning to move to be closer to us. I took photos of their house before they started packing. (I also took photos of the packing in process - it was horrendous - you have to wait for that page!)
I'm going to use the Clustering Memories album templates for a series of pages about their move.
Whilst we were visiting, Ted caught Allan alone and tearfully told him that they had decided to move to xxxxx. So many of their friends were now dead or in nursing homes. Over the years we had often discussed what they would do when the house became too much but moving to xxxxxx was always discounted. In fact we were dreading this time because Laurel found the last move so traumatic that she cried for weeks. This time, though, they would be moving to be close to their children, grandchildren and soon-to-be-born great-grandchild.
I took photos of the house as it had been for the past 28 years complete with ever changing vases of silk flowers and vast collections of things that might come in handy one day. For our girls it will always be Nana and Pa’s house.

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