So it was our 10th wedding anniversary this year and I decided at the last minute (when all good ideas come to life!!) that I would make a quick book for Mike. Ali’s templates were PERFECT. I kept all the pages uniformed, just changed the hue on the background paper, popped in a photograph. He loved it.

Ali Edwards:
Love You Because Layered Template Set

Grunge Source:
SkiMento Paper Pack (hue changed)

Katie Pertiet:
Scallop Strip Masks
Enchanted Easter Solids Paper Pack

Font: Typewriter

no matter how neurotic and absent-minded Molly gets you never lose your patience, well not much anyway. Even when she wants to be by your side (or under your feet as the case may be) when you’re working. You just work around the old girl, and she is just happy being near you.