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I sat in a classroom after a week of subbing for a second grade class to finish grading a few papers. It was Friday and their teacher would return on Monday. I felt sad. Sad that I wasn’t coming back to see them. Sad that they didn’t belong to me. I started this journey to sub to have additional income for my family. I thought it would be great because I could work when I wanted. As the year progressed there was an inch in my heart. It was really faint at first but it grew stronger. The class I had this week made this inch an ache. I left school deep in thought and called Tony on my way home. I told him I was thinking about going back to school. Needless to say he was ecstatic. Those thirty little faces changed the trajectory of my life.
The rest is a blur. Before I realized it I was in a counselor’s office considering graduate school. I had to pass the state exam before being admitted into the grad program and it wouldn’t be easy. I studied for hours on end. On test day my heart hammered in my chest for nearly three hours straight. The stakes were so high and I worked so hard. I was terrified to fail. But, I didn’t. God, put me on a crazy path but he knew all along where I would end up. The next eighteen months are going to be challenging but I’m so ready for it.