I simply adore these All About Me prompts as they make me think ..... Smile

Journaling : ...... that Father Christmas was real. Imagine that! I wouldn’t sleep the night before. Oh hell who am I trying to kid? maybe for a week or more. Imagine if his naughty and nice list existed. Would we be better during the year? Would we be kinder to others? I wonder if he would listen to us throughout the year and just know what we would really love to receive. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and has always been like that. Coming from a very poor family with 4 siblings there wasn’t much to be had, but my parents made Christmas as special as they could, no matter how small. Now we have all these little people in our lives that get so excited it makes it all real again. I know that I spur that on on purpose. So that I can believe.......

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Sentiment Flairs No. 01
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit