Love Lynn's new template. Then I saw Trace's layout and it sparked an idea. (I used her title and journaling placement as well.) Then, Katie's title fit the layout perfectly. Thanks to all of them for the inspiration! It's great when things fall together like that.

If we took a vote and asked the boys which one of them is the biggest sugar addict, Josh would win hands down. Mark and I were watching some older videos of the boys. Mark was videotaping toddler Josh and the two of them were having a conversation. I couldn’t help but laugh when Josh interrupted their banter to ask “Can I have a cookie?” I laughed even harder when Mark’s response was “You need to eat breakfast first.” To this day, Josh will still half-jokingly ask for sweets before breakfast. Half-jokingly because he knows the drill, but he would happily dig in if either Mark or I agreed to his request. Sure enough a day or two later, Josh asked “Could I have cake for breakfast?”

Scrap Express No. 179
Wood Veneer Words No. 10