This was a very hard subject for me to be honest about. Now that I am "all grown up" and learned lessons from the things I have done. I decided to go for it! Hopefully I won't be judged too harshly for stupidity of youth!

Journaling says:

I looked back at parts of my life and I am so very lucky to be alive today. As a young adult I engaged in so many high risk behaviors. I hitch-hiked all around Tacoma (and this is during the timeframe that Ted Bundy was killing women in our area). I took recreational drugs. I jumped off 50 foot cliffs into mining strip pits in Indiana. I participated in automobile races on Vassault Street. I never wore a seatbelt. I took off with LaQuitta on a motorcycle ride with two guys that we didn’t even know. I don’t know how I escaped harm because I put myself into harm’s way all of the time. As with all young adults, I thought that I was invincible. I survived only by the grace of God. Sometimes it is very hard to be honest about the mistakes you have made in your life. I have never hidden my mistakes from my children. I would hope that because I have done these things that I can say from experience that it is not okay to do drugs! It is not okay to hitch-hike! It is not okay to put yourself in situations that you may not survive! I had a guardian angel for sure. Because I should not be alive today with all of the very stupid things I have done. **Note to grandchildren: I decided to do this page and be honest. I want you to know that Nana is human and I have made mistakes. I want you to learn from my mistakes. It is NOT okay to do the things your Nana has done. Nana was wrong and is lucky to be alive today. You are much smarter than me!!

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