Having a new calf born is old hat on our farm, but here at our house it is a celebration! This little guy surprised us the night we came home from a trip to the beach. (Although today he did slip through the fence and welcomed me right in the yard near the garage . . . his mama was as close to the fence as she could possibly be . . . and was patiently waiting for him to come back to the pasture!) The buzzards I mentioned in my journaling seem to have moved on to road-kill and have left our baby alone.

Journaling: A few days after Thanksgiving last year, you brought three of your youngest heifers to our house from the farm to spend the winter. Little did you know, but they were all three going to have calves in the spring. Well, spring is here and so is the first of the little calves. His mama is number 47 . . . who is really to young to have a calf . . . but has turned out to be a wonderful little mama to his frisky baby. We had been to Florida for ten days . . . and saw the baby just as soon as we pulled in the driveway to the house. Michael and Mark have been coming out to check on things while we were gone and they think he was born on the 10th. The very next day he was up and running and the next day he was trying to climb up our big pile of dirt!
The next day, Ed and Shane were working and several buzzards circling something . . . they went toward the creed and saw that they were circling the baby calf. There were fifteen of them trying to get at our baby boy. Ed had his gun wit h him and shot near the birds . . . this scared them off . . . now we are keeping a keen eye on the sky and I am keeping a large saucepan, a big soup ladle and some bottle rockets, a empty water bottle to hold them in and a book of matches should I need to fight buzzards when I am here alone. I’m not a huge fan of guns!

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