Jasmine, one of Jodie & Stuart's cats, is a little ditzy to say the least - she's always in a little world of her own. She often brings gifts home for them and I just had to record this little gem as told by Jodie in a recent Facebook post.

Jasmine and the birds nest. Narrated by Jodie.
“My little Jasmine-cat: often away with the fairies, chasing the wind when it's blowing a gale! She doesn't mess about with birds and mice like the others. She prefers bringing home old (vintage!) sweet wrappers, last decade's discarded McDonald's toys and small baby teddies that she can drag through the cat flap. Today's treasure find was a birds nest (the size of a tennis ball). It's truly amazing to see how it's been weaved together with moss, soft grass and fluff! Thanks Jazz, your gifts are always thoughtful and unique, just like you kitty.”

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Photo by Jodie

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