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Font: Raleway
Journaling: I love our time making eggs in the morning, my son. It’s so much more than just making breakfast. There are a lot of memories and emotions tied up in this otherwise normal daily routine. The thing is it took 2 years to even get you to try and eat eggs. Two long years. From the minute you were old enough to eat them; I have offered them cooked every which way. At first you screwed up nose up, turned away and refused to even try them. As you got older, you also added in ‘yucky’. Not before too long it became a habit and a bit of a game and you just flat out refused to even taste them. One day though I was making scrambled eggs for Daddy and I and you wanted to help. You dragged over your little chair and I cracked each egg into a container and you poured them into the bowl. You loved whisking them. You loved adding the salt and pepper. You loved helping me dish them up. But you would not try them. I persisted though and started making eggs every morning and every time you wanted to help. Pretty soon you knew the order that we did things and apart from me cracking the eggs and doing the ‘hot stuff’, you were basically making them yourself. I learned something really interesting about you during all this. While you can be the world’s fussiest eater, you love to cook. I think there’s hope for us yet to be rid of your fussy ways, just so long as I continue to let you help me cook. And then one day it happened. As we got to the ‘dishing up’ stage, you decided you were going to try these eggs that you created. And guess what? You loved them. You ate Mummy’s entire plate of eggs that day. And guess what else? The next morning you went to the fridge and asked, “I have eggs?” So we now make eggs together every morning. You are learning about ‘hot’ and ‘steam’. You are learning about measurements. And seasoning. You have learned terms like ‘stir’, ‘whisk’ and ‘pour’. You are perfecting your whisking technique. You even saw me putting this layout together and said “Let’s do eggs!” Yup beautiful boy, let’s do it!