Loved the lift of Karen's 30MM page this week -thanks for the inspiration Karen!

Funny how this page coincided with Mother's Day in other parts of the world but not the UK!

Dear Mum,
I’ve been meaning to get these words down on paper for ages and now I’m here, I actually don’t know how to start or what to say. It’s been 11 years since you were taken to rest and longer still when the dementia set in. I have so many memories of you that I want to savour forever. You were from a hard working family and you instilled in me right from wrong, to never leave on a cross word, and the morals by which you and Dad brought me up, I’ve passed onto my own kids. I remember you nursed me when I was sick, (I still drink lemonade to settle an upset tummy), you bathed my cuts and grazes, you baked scones, cherry cake, apple pie, rice pudding and Christmas cake, and you cooked the best roast dinner. I loved it when I was really little and we’d meet Dad after he’d got paid on Friday’s, he’d give you the ‘housekeeping’ and you‘d let me walk on the wall outside the post office. I remember way back when you used to powder your nose and use a little lipstick. You loved Turkish Delight, Mackies, Port and lemon, and Old Jamaica. You taught me to knit, you wiped my tears and I loved it whenever you said ’just do your best’ before an exam. You liked Gregory Peck and Bette Davis. You didn‘t like being away from home. You used to laugh at silly things on the TV, and when you’d bring jeans in from the washing line in winter, you’d laugh so hard because they were stiff with frost and ice. You were so very proud of your roots and always used your Scottish middle names. I still have the last birthday card you ever wrote to me as well as the cookery book you bought me for my 18th birthday and the sewing box you bought me for my 19th. I treasure these things although I have to admit that I’ve only ever used the book to make the kids cupcakes but I still refer to it to check how long to cook meat - I know it’s generally 20 minutes per pound and 20 minutes over but I still like to check. It has a few of Jodie’s scribbles in it too. I did a fair bit of sewing when Jodie was little so the sewing box was used quite a bit then. Now it comes out when a button or a hem needs stitching. These days I find myself saying or doing things that are so you. A near empty toothpaste tube reminds me of how you used to get every last bit out of that tube. Now I know that’s what Mum’s do. You’d go from supermarket to supermarket to get the best offers. I do that now too. You enjoyed passing the time of day with people you’d meet. You always did talk to anyone. I find myself doing that now too. You’d scold Jennie and I saying we should buy jeans that fit us - this was prompted because I used to have to lie on the bed to fasten mine and you used to help Jennie get into hers by pulling the zip up with a shoelace! I confess to still lying on the bed on occasion! I absolutely cherish the time you and I spent together especially during my school holidays. We never went very far but we were always together. That’s not bad going seeing I was 16 and you were 57 at the time! As I look back I realise I loved your company but I just didn’t know it then. There were things I didn’t really understand back then but now I do - as a Mum and a Nana, and as I’ve grown older. The world has changed a lot since then. You wouldn’t like it very much here now. You’d despise the technology but you’d still have the same views on everything in the news. I miss buying you flowers and cake and chocolate, wishing you happy birthday and saying ‘this is my Mum’. You’d be proud of your grandchildren and you’d love your great grandchildren. But you’re looking down on us all like a guardian angel because whenever I see that pretty star shining high up in the sky above, I know it’s you. You shine so brightly. Love and miss you Mum x

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