OK, back onto my summer beach vacation album where I had fun with my iPhone and the MobileMonet app (thanks to Mollie!). The large photos on the facing pages were either taken with my DSLR or p&s.
Journaling: The major disadvantage of our house was that the phone reception was lousy to say the least. There was no rest for Allan and he had to answer repeated phone calls from Megan and for work. The only way to gain sufficient reception was to cross the road. Allan was frequently to be found braving the wind and pacing the sand-dunes.
The two pages:

Katie Pertiet:
Frosted Fun Solids Paper Pack (a white paper with great texture)
Instamatic Frames No. 03
Messed Up Photo Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 11
Fine Line Twists No. 01
Watery Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 01