Thank you, Katie, for a cool template... which I tweaked a bit to get my photo to fit! *wink* Gosh, templates are such a great starting point sometimes!
A photo from a long time ago... the first trip to Yosemite for my kids and nephew/godson. My parents were amazing to take three young children exploring all over the western US... what fabulous experiences they all had!
Shannon wrote a 9-page essay on Yosemite for one of her classes and asked me for a few photos and this is one of them... I'm sure the photos will help her get an "A" on her paper!

To illustrate an essay Shannon was writing about Yosemite, she asked me for a few photos... this is one I found. It was the summer of 1999 and Mom and Dad took Derek, Shannon and Walker to one of their most favorite places in the world: Yosemite National Park. They spent nearly a week there, camping in the motorhome and taking in all the beauty and wonder and majesty of Yosemite. This photo was taken at Mirror Lake, at the foot of Half Dome. Can you imagine a more beautiful swimming hole?


Bloese Solids
(background paper)
**Coming soon!**
Memorable Experience Layered Template
(template including photo masks, 'memorable' wordart which I, of course, turned into a sticker (ha) and the splatters)
Inked Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01
(bold twist brush)
Fastener Basics No. 01
Santa Land Element Pack
(pine tree branch)

Travel Hand Drawn Brushes
('destination'... which ironically I did NOT turn into a sticker!)

Thanks for looking! Debi