And, I'm cracking up 'cuz I'm hearing that pop hit song about selfies... makes me laugh! Ali's new "selfie" word art is perfect for so many photos taken these days, isn't it? Although I don't take many selfies, honestly... I did want to catch a quick one of me and my dad (who's so short 'cuz he's sitting in his wheelchair!) this past weekend! So I had to tell the story of our day... including the selfie! *grin*

A lunch hour layout... so fun to scrap at work! LOL And, it's also a bit of a challenge since I don't have all my wonderful DD goodies on my work computer. (I try to keep my personal files to a minimum... although I don't really know why! LOL)

Dad came along for the ride (literally... in his wheelchair!) when I went looking for new appliances. I picked him up at 12:30 and we drove to Pacific Sales in Torrance. And proceeded to spend the next 3½ hours inside the store! We looked, we touched, we asked questions, we balked at some of the prices... crazy! When I started getting a little hungry, I gasped when I saw it was after 4:00pm! So, I suggested we finish up and head out to lunch... er... an early dinner! Dad wholeheartedly agreed, but as we passed this mirror, I stopped and said to Dad...
And then we headed out to lunch! *smiley* Dad suggested we try the Black Bear Diner and so we did. It was wonderful... a fun, kitschy atmosphere with delicious fresh food and lots of it! A long but fun day with Dad!


Fastener Basics No. `
(staples, snap... wait 'til you see all the goodies in this one!)
Keep Focus Layered Template
(camera... already shadowed!)
**Coming soon!**

Jaspia Solids Paper Pack
(background paper... I love this particular tone and texture!)
Fine Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 03
(the twist brush... I simply can't get enough of these!)
Ticketed Dates No. 05
(date ticket... duh!)
Maybe Not Element Pack
('happy face' flair, 'polaroid' frames... already shadowed!)

Selfie for the Win Brushes & Stamps
(title word art... yep, I 'cut' one word out and made it into a sticker!)
**Coming soon!**

Thanks for looking! Debi