Believe it or not, I had actually intended to take a light hearted approach to this challenge! Wink In the end, I documented some anxieties I have experienced after having each of my kids. I blame sleep deprivation for that! LOL! I’m not sure I’ve articulated myself very well – I just dumped my thoughts straight from brain to page.

I also intended on a – ahem – clean and simple design. But I started ‘throwing paint’ at the page and then could not stop. Wink

I will scrap this photo again because it's probably the only one so far of me and my 2 kiddos together. Next time I will scrap it with a completely different journaling approach. Smile

Thanks for looking/reading!
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Font: Olivetti Type 2, Pea Mystie Caps
Journaling: I had no doubt that when I became a parent I would love my babies with a fierce protectiveness I had never known before. And it was true and I do. I was not prepared for the bigger ‘what if’ questions that came along with the responsibility of ‘Mum’ however. For the first time in my life I really faced the question of ‘what if something ever happened to Dylan or I?’ Honestly? It is just not something I want to think a lot about. The thought chokes me. But each time with a new baby in my arms, I was suddenly slapped in the face with the unknown of the ‘what if’. It was like I suddenly realised for the first time that we never really know what is around the corner. Then almost instantly the ‘what ifs’ exploded. Do I tell my little family enough how much they mean to me? Do I say I love you enough? Am I being the best role model I can be? Am I doing a good job at being Mumma? Do my babies and Dylan know how much I really do love them? Am I living in the moment and cherishing each and every day? I have no doubt my family - my heart and soul – know what they mean to me. I tell them at every available moment but I was reminded of these feelings again recently. I was reminded that we don’t ever know what’s around the corner. Reminded that life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye. Reminded to hug my babies close and cherish just ‘being’. Reminded to appreciate the everyday. Reminded to get the camera out and record this life - our life, because what if tomorrow it all changes? What if?