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“If you can find a job in South Africa, then we’ll go”. This was the sweeping statement I made to my then husband in February 1981. I had absolutely no idea how much this statement would change the course of my life forever. I arrived in Cape Town exactly 12 months later as a shy and naïve individual, lacking in confidence, and having just turned 21. I actually thought I was only going for 3 years. It was 20 years before I returned to the UK for good. The opportunities and experiences I had during that time were so plentiful. Yes, there were some rough times but when I look back, the good times, no, the great times far outweigh the bad. The people I met over the years, both professionally and socially, many of them are well and truly etched in my mind – many for good reasons, some not so good! I also learnt a lot from many of them – again, from some more than others. While I realise whichever path one chooses to travel in life, each will provide its own experiences, I know, just don’t ask me how, but I know that I am a completely different person today for my time in South Africa. I may not be rich in money terms but the loved ones I have today, the people I have met over the years and the experiences I have had personally, professionally and socially because of my time spent in Cape Town make me feel like a millionaire. I often think of something from way back then, or someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with (or not so pleasurable as the case may be, because, I’ll be honest, there have been a few!), or something I’ve experienced and I think “did that really happen?” or “was I really there?” I am so thankful for it all. Cape Town… you will always have a very special place in my heart. What if I had not made that sweeping statement early in 1981? February 1982 – July 2002, to me, that dash in between is PRICELESS.

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