What a fun story prompt to consider the “what ifs” in your life, I do hope you’ll join us in delving into this further to create a story.

My story is all the what ifs that I think about as to how our beautiful kitty came to be ours.

Katie Pertiet:
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What if Mike didn’t take that art class? And what if Lynn hadn’t asked him for a ride into Warrnambool that night for class? What if Mike had only dropped her back at the gate when they got home and hadn’t gone in with her? And what if her husband Paul wasn’t there when they got back? And what if Mike and Paul didn’t start chatting as guys do? And what if that gorgeous shy little kitty didn’t start meowing and rubbing herself against Mike’s leg? And what if Paul hadn’t found that stray dumped kitten weeks before at the old dairy in town? And what if he hadn’t rescued her and taken her home? And what if he hadn’t seen the affinity Mike and the kitty instantly had on meeting? And what if he hadn’t suggested that she go home with Mike because he already had too many cats and it was a case of survival of the fittest at his place? If it wasn’t for all those ‘what ifs’ back in 2003, we wouldn’t have Bo Bo Girl today. I’m a firm believer that animals will pick their owners, even though we may not realise it at the time. And now eleven years on, we are still so thankful that the moons aligned and our beautiful girl found her forever home with us. Some might call it coincidence, some might call it divine intervention, we call it plain good luck.