It was a challenge to do a page with no photos, just a story, but I really wanted to do this one with Mother's day approaching. There is nothing that can describe the happiness that I feel from being a mother. After years of infertility and believing that we would never have a family, and then ending up with three absolutely perfect children....Lucky, blessed, fortunate....words just don't describe the magnitude of what it means to be a mother for me. Still, I'll never, ever forget the feeling of hopelessness that I once felt, nor the moment that it all changed, which surprisingly, wasn't when we eventually did have children.

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As a young girl, I played with dolls and dreamed of what I would name my children when I had my own. I even kept the list of names! Years later, after a devastating loss, followed by many years of trying again to get pregnant, it seemed hopeless and that we were not destined to have a family. I felt completely empty inside and my childhood dream of being a mom were all but gone.

I travelled to Vietnam on a work trip, and while at the hotel I noticed a woman in the lobby carrying a beautiful, sweet baby. The lady had this look of pure bliss on her face as she kissed the forehead of the beautiful baby. I realized that this must be the mother of the young boy I had chatted with the night before who had been so excited to be here to pick up his new baby sister. I approached her and told her that I had been speaking to a very sweet young man the night before who was excited to be getting a baby sister. This was, indeed, the same woman and she proceeded to tell me the story of their 4-year long rocky adoption journey. The little boy was her step-son and she had been unable to have children, and where I felt sad and empty about not being able to have children, she was content and perfectly fulfilled because they were able to adopt.

It was at that moment I had the happy realization that regardless of whether I could have children myself, I was going to be a mother one day.