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Journaling reads:

Everyday life on a homestead in the 1920’s and 1930's was not easy. Modern conveniences were years away. The washing machine, dryer and telephone were either not available or affordable for homestead families. Electricity was only available in the urban areas and didn't arrive to the rural areas until after 1935. The burden of the work in the home was back breaking for the women. Tom Patterson, Jr tells the story of when he left for school in the morning his mother Minnie Dolan Patterson would be at the washboard washing the families clothing and when he returned home from school she was still bending over that same wash board. Laundry was done by hand and the soap was handmade. For those of us that live in today's world, we cannot imagine what their life must have been like. There is NO way that we can complain about how busy we are today, when we can throw the clothes into the washer and dryer and then just walk away. No vacuums to clean the house, only a broom and dust pan. But the women were strong and they did what they had to do to survive. They paved the way for the women of today and they did it with grace.

Keeping my ranch pages very simple and graphic to please the men in the house!!

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