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Journaling reads:
Life on the homestead was not an easy one. Without electricity, running water or any of the comforts that we now consider a necessity. Tom W. Patterson,Jr was 6 years old when he started working the fields of Shane Ridge. Although this is not an actual photo of him driving the horses, we assume this would be an accurate representation. In the times before modern tractors, horses were the only means of working the ground. Tom's father was considered a real horseman and he would break these horses to pull the farm implements. Many stories were told by the local neighbors that they thought the horses were going around the field by themselves as Tom was too small to see. At noon hour Tom would go to the house, eat lunch and take a nap. His Father would feed and water the horses for him and after lunch and a nap, young Tom would return to the field. He marked his progress in the field by placing a grease bucket next to the furrow where he started. Many years later he told us that good progress was 5 to 10 acres a day. Today with our modern equipment we can work 80 acres in the same time. It would be hard to imagine allowing a 6 yr old to work in the field with three massive work horses and dangerous farm machinery. Times were tough and everyone in the family was expected to do their share to keep the farm going. That generation always knew hard work and how to get the job done. It served them well and gave them a genuine work ethic.

Keeping my ranch pages very simple and graphic to please the men in the house!!

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