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When I saw this challenge, I immediately knew what I would document.

Journaling: The best decision I ever made...
...started with a poster. Walking through Swetman Hall after class, I spotted a Mickey Mouse poster advertising the Walt Disney World College Program. Interviews were coming up in Syracuse in a few weeks. Although the internship would put me behind in my student teaching, I opted to go to the interview, and hearing about the opportunity made me know I would enjoy the experience. I received my acceptance letter within weeks, and I decided to go ahead and spend a semester in Orlando.
Fast forward six months to the day I left for Orlando. I'm surprised now that I was bold enough to embark on the adventure alone. Armed with two suitcases, I flew to Orlando by myself and made my way to the Vista Way Apartments for the College Program students. It was the start of a great semester. My eyes were opened to the world outside of Livonia and Oswego. I met great people from all over the United States, as well as students from all over the world who were participants in the international program.
Some may argue that doing a Disney internship couldn't possibly be the best decision ever, but for me it was the start of a series of life-changing decisions. It was the one decision that altered my adult life. After I returned to Oswego I decided to end my engagement to Doug. After graduation, I decided to go back to Orlando. After working for Disney again for 2 1/2 years, I decided to try teaching. After teaching for a year, I decided to participate in the Central Florida Writing Project, where I met Linda. As a result of that course, I met and decided to marry Marc. After four years of marriage we decided to start a family. Everything in my adult life has hinged upon that decision to do the College Program. I'm proud of the courage I had to alter the course of my life in the fall of 1991.